Making Fast Food Less Lethal

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fast-food khichadi.comMost of us lead the kind of fast paced lives that make all the good advice on — sound like pure theory, – good to know but totally not doable. If I don’t eat fast-food, I’ll probably get not food all day – that kind of thing. So maybe the first step towards making healthier choices is selecting slightly better fast-food options. Here are some good things to keep in mind.
Hamburgers. Most burgers are in the 250-350 calorie range, not to talk of the over the top, all dressed cheeseburger that could it 500 calories. Choose a basic burger, no mayo, no cheese and no bacon. Order dressings like mustard, fresh onion, tomato, ketchup. And now, if you can bear it, take off one slice of the burger bun. Or of course, try a veggie option.

Pizza. Pizzas of about 14 inches weigh in at up to 36 grams of fat. Try the following. Stick to one slice. That should be enough to kill the “I’m dying for pizza” feeling; fill up with salad on the side. Pick lean white meats like chicken instead of sausage or pepperoni.

French Fries. A large order of fries from the fast food chains could be almost 600 calories. Yeah! That’s not a typo. Get the smallest serving possible. Ask for wide, large cut ones, because these have less oil and salt clinging. Don’t add more salt, have ketchup if you must. Ketchup has no fat and just about 15 calories per teaspoon.

Japanese. Stick to teriyaki and miso soup, give Tempura a miss.

Chinese. Pick a soup, stir fries, and steamed dim sum, rather than the deep fried stuff.
Indian. A wheat roti is always better than a paratha. And don’t choose anything ‘makhani’ – that means swimming in butter.

Do-able? Yeah, I think so. I could give that a try for sure.

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