0 Comments | March 6, 2012

Not another food site / blog, blah blah! That was the feedback from 3 ‘best friends’ and I admit, it gave me a pause. And then as always, I decided to go ahead and do what I wanted anyway.

But yes, I have had to ask myself what’s going to be different here.

The ‘Cons’ first. I’m no gourmet cook; I only heard of a bain marie a few months back and just discovered that truffles aren’t only chocolate desserts. I’m not even much of an everyday cook, because I’m lucky enough not to have to cook regularly. There are thousands of food sites out there, personal and educational, of varying quality, lots very, very good.

The ‘Pros’? I love to eat and I love to read food articles and drool over fabulous food photography. Like only about 500 million other people. I’m fascinated by the food and health tie-in that’s impossible to ignore. Even if what’s good for you changes every third month.

My home, my refrigerator, by desk, various cupboard shelves and my computer are littered with recipes, cuttings, links and articles that I’ll one day make, or read, or imbibe, or just organize someplace better.

Okay, so this site is my personal collection. Of ideas, recipes, new foodie terms, and articles that I just must get down to reading. It’s my legitimate reason for trawling the internet for food articles. It’s my research tool or sorts – which is better stir-fry or deep-fry? Should ingredients be organic, inorganic or genetically modified? It’s a journey, and I hope to have you join me on it.

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